Little White Cottage Catering

610 N Prairie St, JacksonvilleIL 62650, USA


Catering Hor D'oeuvres

Relish trap w/dip     $29.45

Warm Shrimp dip w/crackers     $26.84

Stuffed Mushrooms     $25.60

Water Chestnuts wrapped in bacon     $21.22

Tortilla wrap-ups     $16.09

Cold Shrimp on ice w/cocktail sauce (Based on market price)

Cocktail wieners in BBQ sauce     $22.30 

Meatballs in Sweet and Sour sauce     $19.94

Layered taco dip w/ chips     $23.72

Mini- Ham & cheese or Turkey Sandwiches $30.70

Mini Pork loin or Roast Beef sandwiches on homemade roll $40.28

Cheese tray w/cheese ball and crackers     $33.43

Chicken Livers wrapped in bacon     $24.40

Cocktail wieners wrapped in bacon w/ brown sugar glaze $25.59

Fresh fruit platter     $30.05

Stuffed strawberries     (Based on market price)

Meat and veggie kabobs     $38.47

Swedish meatballs     $27.17

Sausage bread     $20.43

Fries Ravioli with meat sauce     $21.64

Assorted mini- desserts     $29.46

Little White Cottage Catering

Hor Doeuvres

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday

Lunch hours 11-1:30

   Dinner hours 4-7pm   


        7 Days a week                       Monday - Thursday
Lunch 11am -1:30pm

Dinner 4:00- 7:00 pm
Catering Available
7 Days a Week!